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Are you in acute danger? Police emergency 117
Are you now directly confronted with violence in your surroundings? Police emergency 117

Do you have to leave your home and need protection and accomodation? Women‘s shelter
Winterthur 052 213 08 78
Other women‘s shelters
Links DAO

Do you wish advice? Advice Centre, Emergency Phone for Women 052 213 61 61 (in Winterthur)

Call us during the office hours to make an appointment.
Other possible advice centres Link

Do you now need to urgently talk to somebody? telephone 143

You have suffered sexual violence and still don‘t know how to continue? medical examination in the emergency unit (e.g. Winterthur Cantonal Hospital 052 266 21 21)
We recommend that you have yourself examined gynaecologically and secured evidence. (No showering or bathing, no washing of your underwear before the examination!) The medical staff is bound by medical secrecy. Contraception and eventual HIV prophylaxis are required immediately. Any other decisions can usually be made later, e.g. after a consultation.

Beratungsstelle Frauen-Nottelefon

Opferhilfe für Frauen · gegen Gewalt

Technikumstrasse 38 (1. Stock)

8401 Winterthur

Telefon 052 213 61 61


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